Manitoba busca trabajadores temporales en España #empleo #Madrid

Southern Europe Recruitment Mission
Representatives of the Manitoba government’s immigration program (the MPNP) will be in southern European in June to interview skilled workers for temporary and long-term employment opportunities in Canada.
MPNP officials and Manitoba employers will be in Spain, Italy and Greece in early June to interview nationals of those countries for pre-arranged jobs in industry, business, service, trades and other skilled occupations. (Portuguese passport holders also eligible.)
To attend one of these events and be interviewed you must first e-mail the MPNP. Only pre-selected candidates may attend events.
Temporary employment – to be considered you must:
  • be a national and passport holder of Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugual
  • be age 21 to 45
  • have graduated from at least a one-year post-secondary education or training program with a diploma, degree or certificate
  • have at least two years full-time work experience in the past five years demonstrated by a resumé/li>
  • have job-ready English proficiency demonstrated by a score of 5 or higher on a recent IELTS test
E-mail your expression of interest to, Subject line: Southern Europe Recruitment Mission (country). Attach your resumé, IELTS document and copy of your passport from the country specified (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece). Include your Skype address.
Deadline: May 20.
Expressions of interest will be screened by the MPNP and public services in each country based on the qualification requirements of employer job descriptions.
Candidates selected after an employment interview must then apply for a Canadian work permit.
The MPNP is conducting the Southern Europe Recruitment Mission with the co-operation of Manitoba employers and the Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cultural communities in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Permanent immigration

Qualified candidates may also state in their e-mail to the MPNP their interest in immigrating to Manitoba as Canadian permanent residents. The MPNP may extend an Invitation to such candidates to apply to immigrate subject to established program criteria.
Important notice: Neither being interviewed for employment opportunities nor receiving an invitation to apply to the MPNP as part of the Southern Europe Recruitment Mission guarantee employment in Manitoba.


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